Monday 24 March 2014


As a child I was always up
some tree building a look-out, den or simply perching and enjoying the superiority my location afforded me. 

The need for a place of my own where I could day dream to my heart's content had stayed with me since those early days and I've always been a little envious of anyone who was fortunate enough to have a roof garden.

Can you blame me?



greenthumb said...

It would be very nice.

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

Lovely images. I am always intrigued by roof spaces too, secret worlds. Sigh. said...

If I was living in a city- I would really love a roof garden. What a difference it would make . Adding a little more quality of life.

I am behind with my comments.
But at least I have come round to you Josaia.

wishing you a happy weekend val

Linda said...

Your photos are magical!

BusyLizzie said...

Loving my garden, especially at this time of year! Lizzie