Monday 27 January 2014

Just like Picasso.

Yes, just like the great man, I'm going through a BLUE PERIOD. 

Not so much in painting as in injecting the colour into my environment.

It's spectrum is so wide that there simply isn't any excuse not to have it in your life. 

Combined with chalky greys and oyster whites, it brings calm to any bedroom.

Paired with some Titian white, it's crispness will make your mouth water.

As the Winter eases its somber grip, it's time to become Picasso for a day and introduce some old linens to the indigo pigment. 

Have a colourful week everyone !


Tuesday 21 January 2014


Rarely do I go where there's so much tempting beauty. 
The Decorative Antique & Textile Fair is one of those places where everywhere you turn, gorgeous antiques render you motionless.
  This acclaimed  event has an astonishing following and a breathtaking collection of international dealers. 
From the moment I stepped into the foyer I knew that my bank account was under a serious threat.
Out of politeness I did ask before snapping away but there were a few sellers who felt uncomfortable with their stands being photographed so here are just a few I got away with.

I leave you with this fabulous glazed cupboard and a fantastic collection of tureens. 
Hope the rest of the week is great for you all. 

Thursday 16 January 2014

Long time no see.

It seems like an Age has passed since my last post. Although its largely due to the hectic pace of life, I've also been having a nightmare with the technical side of the Internet. I think I'm going to have to get used to blogging from the comfort of my own phone - too much gone wrong on my laptop. 
Please be patient with my posts, I'm finding my feet on the small screen.

I must admit. I love Pinterest and always find something inspiring when I 'flick' through. 
So here's a cute idea to try
Now you know what to do with that odd neglected chair. 
Have fun xxx