Thursday 2 February 2012

Blue is the colour...

Its amazing how many different shades of blue a human body can turn on an Arctic Tuesday morning; eyes - slate blue, ears - faded indigo, lips - purple sprouting broccoli and hands a cross between Violet syrup and a good Merlot. That was me at 5.30 am on Tuesday, getting ready to pounce on any worthy item which could grace my shop floor.

As the dawn broke and the fair came into focus, I realised that this wasn't going to be a fruitful expedition. There were just about half the usual amount of vendors and even fewer buyers; both letting their teeth do all the chatter. 

There was some success.
Picked up this lovely 1910 wooden desk organiser. It came with a little calligraphy pen and two ink wells. It goes well with... hand made rag paper stationary.
And this vintage French Cafe window was a bit of luck.

One of my earlier finds. Normally I'm reluctant to paint Oak but this sideboard was just too morbidly dark.Its very solid and my Paper White narcissi look great on it in their Victorian hand thrown pot. We seem to forget how nice those 'ordinary' looking
terracotta pots can be, planted with simple bulbs...

I always seem to be drawn to French things like these espresso cups(it is a pair). The speckled indigo glaze is wonderful. I'm sure you can already tell, I'm quite a 'blue' girl.
One of my spring displays in the shop
These French vessels,with a hanging loop and a drainage spout, look fabulous planted up with seasonal
flowers.I sell lots of them in my shop and find that everyone has different uses for them; in the kitchen for utensils; in the bathroom for brushes and loofas; as a water feature in a walled garden, the list is endless.
I could not have left out this 'blue' ensemble as its one of my favourites. The tea cup trio is an old Dutch china with the most charming scenes.

During this cold and grey season I like to look for inspiration in books and magazines and even find that some of my old photos 
lift my spirits.

This book is full of beautiful interiors that are very much lived in and not staged. The mix of styles and textures makes everything feel much more natural and relaxed. It reflects the personalities of the individuals who live there.
I hope that one day soon, when I get to grips with our renovating etc. I will be able to show you around our home and give you an insight into my personality too.

Well,I'm afraid its time for me to go and get some things done.
See you soon.


Jill said...

Hi Joasia
Well I think you are are a true professional blogger!! I love your posts, where did you get that mirror I am really jeolous! and the little stationery holder looks lovely. In the shop spring has certainly arrived, not like outside!! I am going to have to come a visiting again.
love Jillx

Anonymous said...

Truly delightful photos, I love them all. Not sure, still, about painting oak furniture, but of course, if as you say it was dark, then it had already been desecrated, as oak isn't naturally dark - the Vcitorians/Edwardians would've given it a coat of dark varnish. Therefore I'm inclined towards your painted version! Love the grape hyacinths (muscari) in the blue cup and saucer ... and now I want that book!
Google always puzzles me. Sometimes I can simply post comments, other times I'm ask whom I'm commenting as. My Googld name is normally 'Galant' but I've opted for Anonymous as Google seems more predisposed to accept this!
Margaret P

The Art of Vintique said...

Hello Margaret,
How about really confusing Google and calling yourself GALANT MARGARET ?! Things like that truly irritate me, thats probably because I'm such a technophobe though.
The book is worth getting if you like those sort of interiors. I bought mine on Amazon, in fact I bought 2 and gave one as a house warming present to a friend. I have soooo many books like that which I will include in my future posts. They are like pick-me-up pills for me.
Well, I wish you luck with Google and pop in again soon.

Joasia x

Pingere said...

Hi Joasia,
I love your attention to the details, it's very inspiring, - a simple raffia twist here or a dried rosebud there look lovely.
I too rarely paint oak, it's always so lovely to rub off the old stain to reveal the beauty of the wood beneath.
So I hear snow is forecast for our area tomorrow.....oh dear!
Have a lovely weekend, Essie x

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have many style and interiors books, too. They are 'my one weakness' as Dorcas Lane in Lark Rise to Candleford would have said! Along with fine soap, flowers, dark chocolate, books in general, more books and yet more books ...
I think I will leave Google well alone ... I'm tempted to confuse it, but there is a saying "Don't poke the bear" and I don't think Google needs poking!
There are varying comments on Amazon re that book and since it was published another similar one has been published. I have an Amazon credit note (small, but a credit note nonetheless) and thought I might treat myself, but not sure which one! Decisions, decisions.
I was talking to elder son yesterday and one of his work colleagues does fairs, selling 'vintage' things. Our son says that this chap said that the bottom had dropped right out of the vintage market in the last year. I'm wondering whether this is because of the recession and a general belt-tightening exercise by many, or whether the vogue for 'vintage' has peaked and we're now waiting for the next 'trend' (for 'vintage' has been a trend, just as minimalism was a decade ago, where everything was pared down to a minimum, things were painted in shades of Horlicks, and the only decorations were a few twigs in a tall vase and a white plate with four green apples!)

The Art of Vintique said...

Hi Essie,
For me , detail is all important. My friends and family would readily testify that receiving presents from me was a bitter sweet experience; once you reluctantly dismantled the beautiful wrapping, the gift fell short of matching its initial presentation. They're used to it now so its not such a disappointment anymore.
Stay warm!

Joasia x

The Cloth Shed said...

Lovely to meet you on Friday in your gorgeous shop Joasia and I am totally delighted with my French postal sack! The French champagne cafe window was my second choice...fabulous. I'm sure it will be gone soon.
Hope the snow is not too deep in Northleach..
Julie x

Anonymous said...

Have you sold your french window?
Thank you