Sunday 14 April 2013

Beauty En Masse.

Being a natural hoarder I have never had any problems starting a new collection.
There were always groups of 'things' all over the house which used to get me into trouble, first with my parents and now with my husband and kids.
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They obviously don't see things as I do; the beauty in hundreds of vintage buttons of all sizes and various shades of white proudly displayed in old jars on an open shelf...
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or a shapely group of antique mannequins providing an excentric rent-a-crowd.

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For those who have a thing about clocks this should be an inspiring display.
The scent bottles and dressing table sets come from various decades and always bring a welcome sparkle.
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Now sadly surplus to requirements these antique parasols make a wonderfully feminin vignette.
No respectable Edwardian lady would be seen without one of these to preserve her porcelain white complection.
We've come a full circle and pale is definitely in again.
So, have you started any new collections lately?


Sunday 7 April 2013

Aiming High

 I'm known for my GRAND ideas, always planning and rearranging my surroundings.
So far it's been confined to our home and the internal living space but now I've tasted freedom of the outside and I'm beginning to spread my designing wings.

 I've been busy looking though my hoarde of gardening magazines gathering ideas. Our garden is effectively a blank canvas which is NOT such a blessing as I initially thought.  

Some of my Cottage Garden favourites.
One of my first decisions was to grow good flowers for cutting. I can't imagine anything more charming, beautiful, pleasurable and environmentally friendly than growing your own 'bouquets' for your home.It's beneficial on so many levels; just looking at them daily will make your spirit soar.

There must also be interest and structure. Entrances, archways and inviting gateways enticing the inquisitive visitor like The Magic Flute.

Gardens also need a heartbeat - WATER. This liquid energy brings with it it's own magic - LIFE.
If you love gardening then you know that your tolerance will be tested as you encounter both friends and foes.
There's no doubt, a garden should be a place where good times are shared with family and friends.


...I definitely need a little retreat JUST FOR ME.

So, back to the mood board, I've just had a brain wave.

Wishing you all a wonderfully inspiring week.