Sunday 27 May 2012


This week I've been left in charge of watering my parents's garden while they're away taking in the pleasures of Italy.
I took a day off on Friday and I thought it would be better to go over first thing in the morning before it gets too hot.
Everything looked ok until I got to the pond.
I never liked ponds like this.Its very formal with a sunken basin surrounded by limestone rim.
As I approached I could see something floating in the water.It was a young Blackbird and I was a fraction too late.
My heart sank as I thought of how it must have struggled with no hope of rescue.These birds like many other song birds are under threat with numbers dwindling every year.
I couldn't let this happen again so, before leaving, I found some branches and positioned them in such a way so that anything which may have the misfortune of falling in will, at least, have a fighting chance of getting out. 

Well, that's that.I'm sure all of you are wonderfully considerate and nature aware but I just wanted to draw your attention to the dangers that lurk in our gardens.
My parents will be horrified when they find out about this as they are mad about wild life. This silly pond was already there when they moved in last year but I'm sure that they will focus on making it wild life friendly from now on.
See you back soon

Friday 25 May 2012

Any excuse.

I suffer from, what my husband calls, creative avoidance.Its when you find ANY excuse to avoid doing what you're supposed to be doing and indulge in all things which make you feel good.
So,I make notes 
or catch up on my diary 
or plan new borders for my garden... 
and thats where I'm under 'starters' orders.

The finishing line is my local garden centre and I'm chomping at the bit to race off and start choosing the plants for my scheme. 

There is a fabulous range of plants on offer outside but the interior can be equally tempting.

Whoever does their styling has lots of imaginative ideas which result in quirky displays.

So,you see,I find 'creative avoidance' quite a 
beneficial affliction to suffer from.
Enjoy this WONDERFUL weather!



Monday 7 May 2012

Ticking those boxes.

I always feel deprived of time to address my 'TO DO 'list but the surprisingly stunning weather which graced our Sunday gave me a chance to start ticking some of those boxes.

Do you remember those funny French vintage enamel containers I showed you earlier in February?

They're ready.

Some have even made it onto the shop front!

And I've managed to change the window display too.The palette is a total contrast to the previous kaleidoscope of colours, with soft greys,creams golds and whites to name a few.

The wild fowl cushions are beautiful.They were made for me by a lovely local lady whose passion for perfection in sewing is very apparent. 

I'm hoping that no one buys this bag,then I can give it a good home.

I've got to go now but I wanted to end with these two shots. 
I feel a Burgundy phase coming on...


Wednesday 2 May 2012

Feeling BLUE

Even though its May, 
And the skies turn shades of grey,
A little bit of BLUE 
Can blow your clouds away.

Hope I've cheered you up.