Monday 30 January 2012

Slowly but surely.

If you're anything like me, you'll have a 'TO DO' list that seems endless and ever growing. I'm renowned for setting myself unachievable targets and then beat myself up for not reaching them.
With the coming of the New Year I decided to turn over a new leaf and be a little more realistic about my capabilities. So, with the help of my tolerant husband, I drew up a SORT list of tasks for immediate attention.
First one on the list was this lovely Victorian display case which now houses a fraction of my china cup collection. I bought the cupboard over a year ago at an antique fair. After painting and ageing it I stuck it in the garage and onto the TO DO list.
 I didn't want to over do things so, to take a break from the diy, we took a nice walk which we found in this book. It has lots of walks of varied lengths and gives you a guide as to how strenuous they are. 

Made some new friends...
...and saw a quirky wall finial.

 Couldn't help photographing these lovely colours.
Well, just a short one today as I'm off to a fair in the early hours so off to bed now.
Sleep tight everyone!

Friday 27 January 2012

The Big Freeze

The weather has taken my breath away in more ways than one this morning.
Not just its sharp, cutting air that clears your every bronchial but the mesmerising beauty painted on everything exposed to the elements.
Although the biting cold was feasting on my cheeks, it was lovely to take Liam for a walk  before going to the shop. In case you're interested, Liam staid at home with Ben, our old-timer Border Collie/ Retriever cross, now 16 years old.

A dowery chest
The day was quite slow to start, possibly due to the weather, but as the sun came out so did the people. We're seeing more tourists around now.
I've been trying to get over selling my most historic and beautiful piece of furniture. 

This Austrian dowery chest dates back to the 17th century. Adorned with beautifully painted panels depicting Biblical scenes, it was most likely made and given as a wedding gift . One lucky couple!!!

The well wisher's inscription to the happy couple.
Before I go, I'd like to thank all of you who are boosting my blogging confidence by  visiting and commenting on my blog. I'm learning something new every day and now I'm trying to figure out how to add links of other members or websites to my blog so that I can introduce you to some of my friends. Bear with me, I'll get there.
Off to bed now so wishing you all a very good night.

Tuesday 24 January 2012

One of those days.

Today might as well have been a sketch from Faulty Towers.

I had to take Liam,our Cocker Spaniel, to the shop with me. He had a trial last week and, apart form barking his head off at anyone who entered, he did reasonably well.
It was natural for me,therefore, to assume that things will be much better second time around.
How wrong can one be !!!
I brought everything I thought would help; his favourite bed,his beloved cuddly toy; I even armed myself with the famously delicious sausage rolls from my butcher neighbour.
The first half an hour was a doddle. Liam was in his bed and all was well.
As customers started coming and going, even the sausage rolls lost their pacifying power and he looked as if he would tear anyone to shreds.
Then all hell broke loose. A number of people came in at once, I tried to restrain Liam, holding him back by his collar.A company rep arrived unexpectedly too, and the phone would not stop ringing. The noise was deafening but the place fell silent for a brief moment as the choking smell of Liam's digested 'bribes' started to abuse our sensitive nostrils. After, what seemed like an eternity, the rep broke the awkward silence by pointing to a lit candle asking " what scent is that? " What a gentleman.
Once the shop emptied we went for a nice walk along the river.
Liam spent the remaining 45 minutes in the car, sound proofed. 

Some good things DID happen today; I sold this wonderful candelabra. I shall miss it as I was hoping to keep it myself. 

Monday 23 January 2012

Spring on our doorstep.

The day started busy as usual with kids off to schools and Liam off on a Snowdrop walk.

 The sun came out for long enough to take a few photos. It is obvious that I have a thing about pictures with contrasting textures like this dry stone wall and the beautiful moss.

I'm always a little impatient about the coming of Spring so I tend to speed things up.This is a little narcissus called Tete a Tete. Its small enough to plant in very shallow containers and it never disappoints. This little pot is the size of an egg cup.

The smell was simply irresistible to this bee

It is quite easy to make this eye catching arrangement too. All you need is a vintage jelly mould, some decorative gravel, Muscari bulbs and a little patience. Keep the gravel wet but try to keep the bulbs from 'sitting' in water to prevent rotting. The roots will develop and search out water in time, just like the ones in this picture.
The beautiful Kronos hyacinth.

The days are getting longer and soon there will be more beauty to photograph. I can't wait.
Now its time to start getting into the Valentine spirit.
I like everything to do with hearts so this is my favourite time albeit a fleeting one.
Here's a little prelude...

Just two of my hand made cards, each one a one-off.

Well, its time for me to go now, off to work tomorrow so need an early night.
Good night to you all.

Sunday 22 January 2012

Where did Sunday go?

Today just flew by and I've still so much to do. Just finishing uniforms for tomorrow.

In the morning a friend is coming to measure up for some curtains, desperately needed to start making this house look more like a home.
In the mean time I thought I'd share a few of my photos with you.

One of my favourite candle companies, TRUE GRACE, and a fabulous Rosemary&Eucalyptus fragrance gives the house a fresh and woody note.

And this is LIAM, the new addition to our family. We adopted him after Christmas. He, on the
 other hand, gives the house a slightly earthy note !

Sometimes, the most overlooked items can be brought back to our attention with a lick of paint and  a bit of foresight. This was a very boring, stained and dirty chemistry test tube rack. Now, it can grace any interior as a quirky flower vase. Would look great on a dressing table with your ring collection displayed on the 'drying' spokes.
I just love these colours and the contrast between the textures  of the glazed stone  bottles and the old, sea worn cork floats.
It is going to be a big year for the UNION JACK !

Well, enough for now, got to get on with the ironing. 
Bye for now.

Where did Sunday go

Saturday 21 January 2012

What a gloomy day.
It has just started drizzling so I'm glad to be sitting in my lovely shop.
Oh, I forgot to mention, I have a shop in the beautiful town of Northleach and its called THE PERFECT WHIMSY,would you believe.
If only the weather matched the warmth of this Cotswold stone. . .
We've got the perfect place to play Pooh sticks
and to visit the famous 'mini' cathedral / church which was built on the proceeds  of the 18th century wool trade.
Northleach is the best kept secret in the Cotswolds, full of beautiful scenery, a fabulous specialist Dolls House shop (trading in its 41st year),  3 traditional pubs, a great wine bar/coffee shop and the Mechanical Music Museum that brings out a child in everyone who enters.
Welcome signs of spring. 

Friday 20 January 2012

At Last...

Well, I've finally did it; I've become a blogger!
My name is Joasia and, I must admit, I'm a techno-phobe which is why I managed to come up with every possible excuse not to write a blog.
Thankfully I also have a dear friend, E, who has a wonderful gift of persuasion and making things sound 'do-able'.
I spoke to her today and here I am, writing; thank you E.
 I shall try to keep this blog interesting and fun, filled with lots of images,ideas and news that put a smile on my face and give me inspiration.
Hope you can join me.