Monday, 27 January 2014

Just like Picasso.

Yes, just like the great man, I'm going through a BLUE PERIOD. 

Not so much in painting as in injecting the colour into my environment.

It's spectrum is so wide that there simply isn't any excuse not to have it in your life. 

Combined with chalky greys and oyster whites, it brings calm to any bedroom.

Paired with some Titian white, it's crispness will make your mouth water.

As the Winter eases its somber grip, it's time to become Picasso for a day and introduce some old linens to the indigo pigment. 

Have a colourful week everyone !


3 comments: said...

I still have what I call my blue room. In My home in the Algarve.
I think, many of us go through a blue period.
I went for blue, during a few years.
A lovely post

Noelle the dreamer said...

Your bathroom is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for all the great snapshots (yes, I am practically drooling over the laptop!).
Is it not wonderful what a little colour will do for our spirits?
Looking forward to Spring, as I am sure you are too!

greenthumb said...

So very pretty.