Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Outside In.

I don't know about you but the weather here has been relentlessly horrid with the last couple of days especially brutal. 
It's not all bad news.
Rainy days provide an opportunity to engage in a creative project. 

One of my passions is gardening even though I hardly ever have time for it. 
Each year, about this time, I pace the garden with a growing impatience, looking for signs of Spring. 

The current blustery conditions have made me look at doing some indoor gardening instead. 
These vintage Weck jars are perfect to get started but any glass vessel with a wide opening will do.
Old pickling jars are made in a traditional way from mouth blown glass. This gives them those charming imperfections of air bubbles trapped in their uneven glass form. 

Those of you who are blessed with extra space might wish to indulge in a real show piece like a beautiful terrarium.

On the other hand, size isn't everything and smaller pieces are equally as eye catching.

In case non of the above take your fancy, how about bridging the gap between classic and modern; young and old or fun and conventional with this imaginative display.

Well, whatever you decide to turn your hand to, enjoy this dry and warm gardening. 


* images via pinterest *

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Anonymous said...

Such an inspiring post and very welcome on yet another cold and wet winters day. Thank you. xx