Monday, 23 January 2012

Spring on our doorstep.

The day started busy as usual with kids off to schools and Liam off on a Snowdrop walk.

 The sun came out for long enough to take a few photos. It is obvious that I have a thing about pictures with contrasting textures like this dry stone wall and the beautiful moss.

I'm always a little impatient about the coming of Spring so I tend to speed things up.This is a little narcissus called Tete a Tete. Its small enough to plant in very shallow containers and it never disappoints. This little pot is the size of an egg cup.

The smell was simply irresistible to this bee

It is quite easy to make this eye catching arrangement too. All you need is a vintage jelly mould, some decorative gravel, Muscari bulbs and a little patience. Keep the gravel wet but try to keep the bulbs from 'sitting' in water to prevent rotting. The roots will develop and search out water in time, just like the ones in this picture.
The beautiful Kronos hyacinth.

The days are getting longer and soon there will be more beauty to photograph. I can't wait.
Now its time to start getting into the Valentine spirit.
I like everything to do with hearts so this is my favourite time albeit a fleeting one.
Here's a little prelude...

Just two of my hand made cards, each one a one-off.

Well, its time for me to go now, off to work tomorrow so need an early night.
Good night to you all.

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