Tuesday, 24 January 2012

One of those days.

Today might as well have been a sketch from Faulty Towers.

I had to take Liam,our Cocker Spaniel, to the shop with me. He had a trial last week and, apart form barking his head off at anyone who entered, he did reasonably well.
It was natural for me,therefore, to assume that things will be much better second time around.
How wrong can one be !!!
I brought everything I thought would help; his favourite bed,his beloved cuddly toy; I even armed myself with the famously delicious sausage rolls from my butcher neighbour.
The first half an hour was a doddle. Liam was in his bed and all was well.
As customers started coming and going, even the sausage rolls lost their pacifying power and he looked as if he would tear anyone to shreds.
Then all hell broke loose. A number of people came in at once, I tried to restrain Liam, holding him back by his collar.A company rep arrived unexpectedly too, and the phone would not stop ringing. The noise was deafening but the place fell silent for a brief moment as the choking smell of Liam's digested 'bribes' started to abuse our sensitive nostrils. After, what seemed like an eternity, the rep broke the awkward silence by pointing to a lit candle asking " what scent is that? " What a gentleman.
Once the shop emptied we went for a nice walk along the river.
Liam spent the remaining 45 minutes in the car, sound proofed. 

Some good things DID happen today; I sold this wonderful candelabra. I shall miss it as I was hoping to keep it myself. 


Jill said...

Joasia - it sounds wonderful, will you be taking Liam today!!! Now you can't keep everything but I would be the same.
love Jillx

Joasia said...

Your lovely hearts arrived this morning, thank you. You're a bit like that narcissi Tete a Tete, you never disappoint. I must also admit that they've temporarily joined the long list of ' things to keep for myself'. Aren't I awful.
As for Liam,I can assure you, he is destined to remain a house dog!

Love Joasia xxx

helen tilston said...

Hello Joasia

Jill's blog brought me to you. I am happy to find you and I look forward to knowing you
Stop in an visit when you have time

Mary Jenkins said...

I've just popped over from Rosie's blog on her recommendation! You have a lovely blog - hope Liam gets used to the shop or will he be banned?

Essie R said...

Hello Joasia,
I'm glad to have stumbled upon your lovely blog through Jill's recommendation. I only began mine a few weeks ago too and I'm finding it quite hard to keep posts going at this time of year! I look forward to reading more of yours. All best Essie x

Joasia said...

Hello Mary,
I'm so glad you popped over and thank you for your lovely comment.
Liam is a little like Margaret Thatcher, 'not for turning' so, I'm afraid , he will not be assisting me in the shop any more. I can already hear the sighs of relief coming from my customer base although they're being gradually drowned out by the drop-in-sales sobbing from the neighbouring butcher.

Keep in touch.
Joasia x

Joasia said...

Hello Helen,
Thank goodness for Jill, she's great and has a wonderful tapestry of followers so I look forward to getting to know you and your blog too.
See you on your blog page.

Joasia x

Joasia said...

Hi Essie,
Firstly, what a lovely name, what is it short for ?
Secondly, I love your blog. The photographs have captured my heart. I know that part of the world and how beautiful it is but your pics have done it justice even at this time of the year.
Seems like we have a similar taste in beautiful things too.
I'm definitely a follower now.

Joasia x

Essie R said...

Hi Joasia, many thanks for your reply - it's lovely to hear from you. Essie has kind of stuck around since my schooldays, my name is actually Sarah but there were lots of 'Sarah's' so I got shortened to Ess, then Essie!
Anyway, thanks so much for your lovely comments. I will come over during half term week to hopefully meet you and see your lovely shop, the header photograph here looks beautiful.
Best wishes, Essie x