Saturday, 23 June 2012

Under that Tuscan sun

So there we were, ready for take-off at Bristol airport. Beyond the pane of glass was the rain soaked runway enveloped by Autumnal temperatures usually experienced in October.   
Just 2 hours later we were greeted by blazing Tuscan sunshine as we landed in Pisa.
Still the same planet !
We collected our hire car, a Fiat of course,the map came out and our instinctive compass went to work.
It was so nice to drive up the driveway to Villa Bucciano where we were meeting our friends and the rest of their wedding party.

The views were great and it didn't take long before we were making our way down to the pool.

In the evening everyone shared a wonderful buffet of home-cooked local food.

Fed and watered we all turned in for the night; BIG DAY tomorrow.
 The next morning everything was bathed in the golden light and wedding fever was in the air.

Shoes ready,I can rest easy.
In the garden behind the 18th century villa the ancient chapel was prepared for the BLESSING of the happy union.

Wedding banquet on the terrace. 

A Wedding cake with a difference,made from 3 absolutely delicious local cheeses arranged in tears.

A beautiful sunset started off a night of celebrations.
I shall have to tell you about our visit to Florence and Pisa in my next post so, CIAO till then. 


Jill said...

Oh my God, how beautiful is that! I just love it all, it reminds me of when we spent a holiday at Ferragamo's home just outside Italy it is just stunning. Have fun.

HWIT BLOGG said...

LOVELY pictures! Looks really nice there...
I love the beautiful weddingtable!
Take care now and have a great week. I´m looking forward seeing more pictures from your trip...


Essie @ Pingere Antiques said...

Ooh beautiful! I love those shoes and the table for the wedding banquet is stunning!
Essie x

Madelief said...

This all looks like a dream Joasia: the scenery, the table setting, the beautiful weather. Hope you had a wonderful day!

Happy new week,

Madelief x

Riet said...

I just found your blog. you must have had a wonderful time at the wedding. everything beautiful.I am going to follow you