Thursday, 7 June 2012

Aiming high

   Ever since I've thoughtlessly committed our 'jungle' to an Open Garden(only for the villagers thank goodness) I've been obsessed with all things that may enhance whatever beauty could be lurking under the layers of neglect.
I've hit on a plan to cut some corners and use props.
In our very nomadic decade, when selling and buying houses was second nature to us, I've learnt that sometimes it is quicker to divert attention than to fix even a minor blip. 
The smell of freshly brewed coffee,for example,makes people feel relaxed and instantly 'at home' in their surroundings just as the enticing aroma of baked cookies brings out the feeling of home comforts.
The tricks are endless and very effective,if I might say so myself after selling 12 houses in 16 years !!!!!
I suppose its understandable that I decided to apply those tried and tested methods to the looming event.
Wherever I go,whatever I read I'm  compiling inspirational ideas in hope of using them in my garden to draw attention away from the sea of weeds that have yet to be tackled.
So here are some features I hope to replicate,modify and  introduce at some point. 
Yes, I'm aiming high.


Give me strength !


Vintage Jane said...

Love your inspirations ... can't wait to see the end results. My garden is currently battered and flattened by these horrid storms. M x

La Brocanteuse said...

You are my kinda girl! it's good to aim high, for dreams do come true when you believe you can! I am so hoping to be able to bring back some garden statues and elements on my upcoming to you from Afrique du Sud
Colette x

Essie @ Pingere Antiques said...

Some very inspiring photo's Joasia.
And how sporting of you to open your garden! I'm sure it will be lovely, knowing what a great sense of style you have. I hope this wind hasn't caused you too much trouble, isn't it awful weather for June?!
Hope you have a lovely weekend,
Essie x

Millas hem said...

So cute of you!

Hugs Camilla

... Tabiboo ... said...

What fun pictures and a great source inspiration - I'm sure you'll be fine.

Nina x