Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A quick 'hello'

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the long silence. Been really busy multitasking; juggling the shop, the house and the family.
Went to an 80th birthday party over the weekend, in Essex.
I forgot just how beautiful the colourful houses of Coggershall are. What a time to forget the camera !!!

Managed to fit in a historical walk to the place of the last battle of the English civil war, 
The foot path took us through some wonderful places
with amazing sights.

 It was such a treat to see these Daffs swaying in the gentle breeze.
As we came to the village of Longborough we were just in time for a much needed drink. This shop is so quaint with a tiny cafe in the back.

Liam is not used to such long walks but really loves them.

Went down to the church which has a fabulous clock face.

Lots of treasures inside like this sarcophagus of a local benefactor and his wife.

Some beautiful marble 

and breath taking stained glass windows.

I hope the sign lives up to its name...
After what was a really pleasurable time(and thats coming from a reluctant walker) we ended up with this view.

If we could turn the clock back to 1646 we'd be in the middle of a fierce and bloody conquest of the Royalists by the Cromwellian army who, even though heavily out numbered by King Charles's men, out witted and over threw the enemy, climbing this hill and surrounding the Royalists from the left flank cutting off their escape.

Now, back at the car, just enough time to snap a few Spring shots.

Being a foreigner,I'm very much in love with the archetypal English trade marks like this telephone box.
 When I was 5 years old and living in Poland, I was sent a puzzle with a picture of Piccadilly Circus.With its bright lights,colourful shop advertising and the vibrant Double Decker buses it was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen.In a very communist and grey Poland this little girl was dreaming of going over to this magical land one day...5 years later the dream came true.

I don't think I will ever get tired of these flowers. There are so many varieties.These are from my garden.

Well, don't want to bore you too much so stay in touch.


Essie @ Pingere Antiques said...

Hi Joasia,
Beautiful photo's and a very interesting post. The details on the stained glass windows are incredible and 'Love Walk' - isn't that cute!
I love your photographs of the underneath of the Snowdrops.
And of course Liam, he is so adorable!
Thanks for sharing Joasia, it's always a real pleasure to read your posts.
Hope you have a lovely weekend,
Essie x

Jill said...

I enjoyed my walk with you this morning, do you do this before opening the shop - I am impressed!! The church looks amazing and certainly on my lists of visits when I next come up to the Cotswolds which I hope will be soon.
Have a lovely day Joasia,

bellaboo said...

Hi and thank you for your visit and lovely comment.
The Cotswolds are a favourite of mine too,the pretty stone houses and the lovely walks through glorious countryside.
I love all your wonderful photos!I'm trying to work out how to get bigger photos onto my blog,the size of your stained glass ones.Your spaniel is adorable! We had a golden cocker when I was young.
I'll pop back again soon.
Hope you have a lovely weekend. :0)

Susy said...

Joasia Hello, I read that you managed
you realize your dream of living
England ...... how nice I envy you
(even if you do).
beautiful photos
Susy x

Poppy said...

Thank you for taking me along, I hope you don’t mind me being in my pj's. Beautiful pictures!
And not forgetting the gorgeous Liam.
Don’t work too hard X

galant said...

Gorgeous photos, and I especially love the snowdrops, such miniature pieces of perfection.
Margaret P

The Cloth Shed said...

How could anyone be bored with such a lovely post Joasia ?
Gorgeous buildings, gorgeous spring flowers and an utterly gorgeous spaniel!
Have a relaxing weekend,
Julie x

Madelief said...

Hi Joasia,

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I enjoyed it very much! You live in such a beautiful country. I always enjoy going there. So much history! I love the old houses and the stained glass windows you photographed.

Your snowdrops are beautiful!

Have a lovely weekend!

Madelief x