Monday, 13 February 2012

Love is in the air...

In today's world of war, turmoil and hatred its easy to succumb to the notion that romance is dead.
Every year, however, we're reminded that its very much alive although slightly more tainted by commercialism.

 These beautiful works of art originate from India. They are exquisitely hand painted on Alabaster tiles, depicting scenes of courtship,love and romance in the Mogul empire.
I had both of them in my shop, hanging by the door, directly in front of my desk where I could see them shimmering in diffused daylight.
My intention was to take them home when I found something equally stunning to replace them with.
A lady walked in one day. She looked some what anxious and a little desperate. She floated round the shop like a trapped, confused butterfly, not quite comfortable in settling on any of the available items on sale.
" Is there anything I can help you with?" I asked.
The look in her eyes told a story of love, passion, pain, loss, loyalty and gratitude, but above all it was her quivering voice that betrayed a deep rooted,albeit emotional, romantic inside her. 
" It's our anniversary and I wanted to buy my husband something special; something to show my gratitude for all his love and devotion throughout all these years"
There was a sound of finality in her voice which discharged a sense of sadness and pity on my part. 
I cannot explain exactly what made me do it but I found myself staring at the Mogul paintings. The emotions in them are almost tangible. One feels like a voyeur privy to a secret lovers's meeting where vows of unwavering love, devotion and loyalty are exchanged without hesitation.
" These are PERFECT !" she said as she caught the objects of my attention in her sight.
Her eyes light up and her voice resonated with a melodic sound of hope.

Although at the time it was heart wrenching parting  with either one of these pictures, my reward was her beaming smile and the warm look she gave me as she left the shop tightly gripping her 'Golden Fleece'.

I have since found out that she died shortly after and that the picture was her parting gift to the man she loved.
You may think that this is rather a poignant story but to me it shows that, even in our darkest hour,love can be the lasting mark we leave on this world.

 I made a whole series of Valentine cards from hand made rag paper and wrote some of my favourite quotes on them. 

When you make things of personal value, you will notice them everywhere.Mine are hearts.
Just a few things thrown together in a Valentine theme.

This is not a very good photo as I had to reduce quality to fit into the blog. 
Its a little heart shaped ramekin I filled with roses and dressed with moss; was bought by a gentleman who bumped into his old flame.Sounds like they picked up where they left off.
  a beautifully fragrant flower placed on a bed side table,
 or just a romantic walk  amongst nature's wonders.
It would be nice to hear  how you spent your Valentine's Day so get in touch and reassure me that romance is not dead. 

Whatever you embark on, I wish you Love.



helen tilston said...

I loved this post

We are attending a party, each person brings a dish. We will be by the ocean and I know it will be memorable. We are bringing our hearts Happy St Valentine's Day

Helen xx

galant said...

Those were wonderful pictures and what a lovely, moving story.
Margaret P

Jill said...

Well that was sad, but at least she found the exact gift, love your valentine cards! lets hope you get one!
love Jillx

Essie @ Pingere Antiques said...

Hi Joasia,
The Valentine cards look lovely, what a great idea.
All best, x x

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Thank you so much for your lovely message Joasia I can't wait to look through your lovely blog! Sending warmest wishes from a 500 year old farmhouse in England - Glenda