Friday, 20 January 2012

At Last...

Well, I've finally did it; I've become a blogger!
My name is Joasia and, I must admit, I'm a techno-phobe which is why I managed to come up with every possible excuse not to write a blog.
Thankfully I also have a dear friend, E, who has a wonderful gift of persuasion and making things sound 'do-able'.
I spoke to her today and here I am, writing; thank you E.
 I shall try to keep this blog interesting and fun, filled with lots of images,ideas and news that put a smile on my face and give me inspiration.
Hope you can join me.  


Evie said...

Love to join you x

Evie said...
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galant said...

Have found you blog via Nice Day at Rosies, and I have to say it looks a lovely blog! But my, it looks cold in the Cotswolds right now! I live on the south Devon coast and we've not even had a frost let alone any snow (well, yet ...)
Have stayed in the Cotswolds several times, loved out visit to the Cotswold Perfumery in Bourton on the Water (excellent scents, by the way) and Snowshill Manor (what collections!)
Best of luck with your new blog,
Margaret P